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Help students in a collaborative environment

It can be challenging to get students to collaborate on projects. You need an easy way to connect students with information and each other in an environment where they can work together as a team.

Bring students and resources together to tackle projects in Microsoft Teams. Students can use chat, audio, or video calling to ask questions and get feedback on projects. You can also answer their questions in real time. 
Provide additional resources by adding connectors to relevant information in the Teams channel. Add a OneNote notebook as a tab so students can share the content they’ve found in one place. 
Within the channel, post answers to frequently asked questions so the entire class has the right information, plus share insights, challenges, and trends so everyone is working with the best information.
  • Connect students and resources together in real time. 
  • Add social connectors to facilitate research projects.
  • Post answers to frequently asked questions for the entire class to see.