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Help employees filter relevant information and find answers faster

Filter relevant information to the right employees to enable them to find answers to their questions faster.

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See what employees are talking about and looking for

You can begin to identify employee content needs by using Activity Reports in Yammer. Yammer is a private social network where coworkers share information across teams and organize around projects. With the Yammer Activity Report, you can understand the level of engagement of your organization with Yammer by looking at the number of unique users using Yammer to post, like, or read a message and the amount of activity generated across the organization.

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Share role-based employee training in a central location

You can push context-specific information such as news and training to employees on their department's SharePoint portal. Organizations use SharePoint sites as a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information, from almost any device. Set up a team site for your employees in each department, so they can all share a central library and you can make important training information accessible from anywhere, on almost any device.

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Streamline employee communication

When you need to share an important update or information with just your team, you can use a private shared workspace in Microsoft Teams. Teams gives your team a shared workspace for group chat and private conversations, files, and apps so team members can communicate, collaborate, and quickly get stuff done.

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Help connect employees with peers and information

You can facilitate connections between employees to help create networks of people and information on Delve. Delve helps you discover information that's likely to be most interesting to you right now through the power of the Office Graph. Delve shows you a mix of content from across Office 365; you’ll see both your own documents and documents your colleagues are working on. Find information—or people who may have answers to an employee inquiry—by searching for a specific subject. Delve never changes any permissions, so you'll see only documents that you already have access to.

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Case Studies

AON uses Yammer to collaborate across org

Aon, one of the world’s leading providers of risk management and human resources solutions, has 66,000 employees working for clients in more than 120 countries. As a globally dispersed company, Aon knew the importance of finding a strong communication and collaboration solution that was not limited to email. “We needed an open, real-time, knowledge-sharing platform where information could be broadcasted transparently and dispersed swiftly,” says Neeru Arora, chief knowledge officer at Aon.

The company decided to deploy Microsoft Office 365 to enable powerful employee connections and robust knowledge-sharing. Employees now use Office 365 productivity tools to share best practices, form dynamic teams and collaborate and communicate with colleagues across the building or on opposite sides of the world.

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