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Improve safety responses and reduce incidents

Reducing safety incidents in the workplace is a top priority, but it can be challenging to ensure everyone has the latest information and has gone through the proper training. You need an easy way to provide documentation and training companywide. 


Make your safety training material and documentation available to employees companywide with SharePoint. Set up your site so that operations managers can store and organize all their files in one place.


You can also create a workflow to alert operations managers when safety incidents do occur. When someone fills out an incident-warning form, your managers will automatically receive an email notification so they’re aware of the issue and can refer to it for future assessment, tracking, and improvement.


When it’s time to conduct a safety training, hold a Live Event in Microsoft Teams or Yammer. You can schedule a Live Event for up to 10,000 attendees, who can join from any device.

  • Create one location for all your training and safety incident documents.
  • Automate incident responses and procedures to improve reaction time.
  • Conduct virtual training sessions that employees can attend from any device.



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