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Hold online training sessions with remote financial advisors

Make the global client experience more consistent by scheduling and launching online training with remote financial advisors from almost anywhere, on almost any device.

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Check financial advisors' availability to quickly schedule training sessions

When you need to train your advisors on a new set of best practices for your global clients, use Outlook to easily schedule a Skype for Business online meeting for your group, regardless of its size. Financial advisors can easily join you from their locations, on their preferred devices.

If you're using Exchange, Outlook lets you see your advisors’ availability so you don’t have to use email to ask for everyone’s availability, wait for the responses to come in, and then ask again.

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Choose the communication tool that fits your training needs

You need the right tools to communicate the nuances of financial information to your advisors. Skype for Business is a cost-effective solution and a comprehensive multimedia platform that can fit the needs of your training meeting. If your firm has set up PSTN conferencing with Skype for Business Cloud PBX, meeting attendees can call in from their phones. And anyone you invite to your meeting can participate by using the audio, video, one-click screen sharing, and IM capabilities that are standard in Skype for Business. You can even record meetings for people who are unable to attend.

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Resolve complications and build consensus faster

When your financial advising team is discussing new best practices—whether the subject is privacy, security, legality, or another crucial topic—everyone needs to understand the nuances of the best practices quickly and thoroughly. When you receive an email from one of your advisors asking for clarification, you can use Outlook, with its calendar-based notifications and availability information, to quickly schedule and launch meetings, so that you can provide that clarification for everyone. 

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Connect with your team and outside experts, regardless of location

Sometimes you need a quick answer from an expert in your firm to get your financial advisors back on track, but if the advisor or expert is in a remote location, you could be in trouble. Skype for Business offers real-time communication solutions to enable you to find and connect with available experts by using IM, video, or voice. If your firm has set up PSTN conferencing with Skype for Business Cloud PBX, your advisors can call in from their phones, even if their internet connection is unreliable or nonexistent.

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Microsoft Cloud helps Resolute Asset Management scale without a large amount of capital expenditure

“Cloud Platform gives us the option of getting what we need when we need it. And as the company continues to grow we can scale up without having to worry.” – Alexis Thomas, Vice President, Resolute Asset Management

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