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Increase Firstline worker engagement

Retaining company talent and encouraging development can be challenging. You need to foster communication among Firstline workers, give them flexibility, and share their success across the organization to avoid the cost of hiring and training new employees.

Create a better connection between employees with Microsoft Teams. Firstline workers can connect to their group and others in the organization. They can use chat to get answers to questions from colleagues, and use audio or video calling for team meetings. They can see who else is working and use @mentions to get someone’s immediate attention. 
With Yammer, Firstline workers can connect with the wider organization. Yammer is an enterprise social network that lets employees socialize in different groups and learn about important corporate news. They can join conversations, take surveys, and lend their unique perspective gained by working directly with customers. 
Celebrate successes to improve retention by creating interactive company newsletters with Sway. Add text and pictures, and Sway helps you transform them in interactive ways.
  • Connect firstline workers to the company 
  • Foster "face-to-face" team building 
  • Celebrate achievements in compelling company newsletters