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Integrate new hires into the team and work in progress

When you hire new employees, you need to bring them up to speed on the latest projects and introduce them to stakeholders and their fellow coworkers. You need an easy way to give them access to current project documents and resources, introduce them to people, and ensure they have the tools and knowledge to succeed.

Give new hires the information they need to get started with Microsoft Teams. They’ll immediately have access to past conversations and any documents uploaded to the Files tab. They can use chat, audio, or video calling to ask questions about the project and understand decisions that have been made. 
Introduce them to the broader organization with Yammer, an enterprise social network. They can search for groups that are working on similar topics or projects and ask for expert input throughout the company. 
New hires can also use Delve to find people who may have insight to help them ramp up. Delve can help them discover information in the documents their colleagues are working on that's likely to be most interesting to them.
  • Connect new hires with the experts and resources they need. 
  • Easily add new hires to existing team projects. 
  • Help new hires find past projects, content, and people.