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Interact in real time with IM, persistent chat, and presence

Communicate instantly with your firstline workers, and keep them updated with the alerts, reminders, and content they need to do their jobs.

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Quickly send messages to your entire firstline workforce

Keep employees informed by sending updates and alerts directly to their mobile devices from Teams. Teams gives you a fast and reliable way to send quick messages to your entire team. For example, what if there is a spill on the floor in aisle 7, or the regional manager is arriving in 20 minutes? Instead of making a public announcement over the intercom, you can instantly inform all team members by sending a message through the Teams Chat conversation.

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Chat with individual employees from anywhere

Real-time messaging between managers and workers helps foster a stronger team community. In addition to its team-wide communication features, Teams makes it easy to for you to connect with individual Firstline employees or groups. From the Messages tab of the Teams mobile app, simply select one or more team members or an existing conversation group, and then enter and send a message.

Teams messaging is great for communicating about issues that need to be resolved right away. For example, if one of your Firstline workers has a question about a customer's product or service request, he or she can message you directly, and even snap a picture with his or her mobile device and send it to you. You can get an answer to your employee—and thus to your customer—in real time, from wherever you are.

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Retain knowledge in persistent chat sessions

Persistent chat lets you create topic-based discussions that persist over time. Microsoft Teams provides a rich persistent chat experience by offering full-featured team channels, complete with file sharing, presence information, activity logs, and more. Use Microsoft Teams channels to create chat rooms where your workers can communicate and collaborate with others who have a common area of interest. You—and they—can share ideas and information by posting messages in real time, and find ideas and information by browsing or searching the chat history. Messages are saved over time, so new and old chat room participants can see all the chat history at any time.

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View your staff's presence information

Presence information is a quick way of finding out whether a team member is online and available. Both Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams let you see at a glance the status of the person you need to talk to. If the person's presence status is green, he or she is available to chat. Color-coded icons and brief status tags can also tell you whether someone is available, busy, or off for the day. Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams give supervisors and workers alike a wide range of choices for setting their own presence information to tell other team members when they are available—they can even include their location or a brief message.

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