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Keep devices always up to date

Windows as a service enables Windows 10 to keep itself up to date for the lifetime of your devices through simple, always-improving updating processes, with high levels of application compatibility, minimal effort and cost, and—most importantly—no more big deployment projects.

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Test for application compatibility

Application compatibility testing has historically been a burden when an enterprise organization has approached a Windows upgrade. With Windows 10, you can migrate with confidence, because Windows 10 is the most compatible Windows ever, with 99% compatibility with Windows 7.*  The latest tools help ensure that apps stay compatible in the future. 

Windows Analytics Upgrade Readiness provides insights and recommendations about the computers, applications, and drivers in your organization.  These insights allow application owners and IT teams to identify compatibility issues that can block an upgrade, implement fixes that are known to Microsoft, and accelerate deployment of Microsoft 365.

*  Based on data from customers who opted to share telemetry with Microsoft

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Keep Windows and Office up to date

New feature updates for Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus follow a predictable semi-annual release cadence, allowing organizations to use new innovations and security enhancements quickly. System Center Configuration Manager supports this aligned update model for Office 365 ProPlus and Windows 10, making both easier to deploy and keep up to date.     

In addition, lightweight mobile device management (MDM) capabilities are built into Windows 10 devices and provide an alternative to traditional PC management processes.  No matter how you decide to manage your devices, Windows provides a consistent set of configurations across device form factors through a common MDM layer.

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Monitor update deployments for compliance

For devices already running Windows 10, Windows Analytics Update Compliance provides a holistic view of operating system update compliance, update deployment progress, and failure troubleshooting for Windows 10 devices to help ensure that your devices are properly updated. Windows Analytics Update Compliance uses telemetry data, including installation progress and Windows Update configuration, to provide insights. It can be used with Windows Update for Business or other management tools to ensure that your devices are secure and up to date.

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Case Studies

Kimberly-Clark decreases software-deployment times with operating system upgrade

To reduce the considerable time required to regularly update software on its 33,000 client devices, consumer goods giant Kimberly-Clark is switching to Windows 10 and embracing the “Windows as a service” model. Already, the company has shrunk software deployment and update times by 75 percent.

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