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Keep Firstline workers up to date with the latest company policies and procedures

Onboarding new employees and keeping your Firstline Workers updated on the latest company news, safety procedures, and best practices can be challenging when people are spread across locations and policies change frequently. You need an easy to way to make the latest news and policies accessible to employees and incorporate new information when necessary.


Make sure your employees have the latest company safety procedures and policies with Microsoft Teams. Store handbooks, training materials, safety procedures, and other resources in the Files tab so workers can access them anytime. When you add a new employee, they can instantly access the information they need from any device.


Use @general mentions to let your entire team know when new or updated procedures, product specs, or sales reports are available. Use chat to answer any questions they have or to provide additional context.


You can also do trainings with live events and answer employees’ questions in real time. Employees can also work together in Teams to share best practices, ask questions, and get feedback instantly.  

  • Make training materials easily accessible to all employees.
  • Communicate new procedures instantly.
  • Create interactive trainings so employees can ask questions and share best practices.

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