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Deepen your understanding of market trends and investor behavior

You can stay up to date on what your target market segments and industries are doing by comparing notes with your coworkers in a companywide Yammer group. Use Yammer to connect with relevant coworkers in other departments, and share discoveries, conversations, and resources from almost any device. You can also add connectors to your Yammer group to feed relevant information from external sources, such as news feeds or your company’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM app, directly into your conversations.

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Discover relevant industry content through your company network

When researching best practices or industry trends, you can tap into the collective knowledge of those around you with helpful, tailored content from Delve. Delve helps you discover relevant information through the power of the Office Graph.

Delve Boards group and share related documents. You can, for example, search for a board about market trends. Boards are open to everyone in your organization, but if a board has documents that require specific access, you won't be able to see them. Only content you are allowed to see will surface.

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Stay up to date on trends by attending training sessions from anywhere

Stay up to date on trends and best practices by joining team training remotely with Skype for Business Meeting Broadcast. Training teams can deliver an auditorium-style training experience for up to 10,000 attendees, who can join from anywhere and from any device. If you can't attend the broadcast, your team can record the session and share it so you can stay up to speed.

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Case Studies

Office 365 sets VPBank on path to digital transformation and sustainable growth

Vietnam Prosperity Bank (VPBank) has embarked on an ambitious goal to be one of Vietnam’s top three joint-stock commercial retail banks, with a sustainable infrastructure and capable collaboration as part of its three-pronged approach to growth. Office 365 has empowered the bank to significantly improve its business process productivity, particularly through improved collaboration, simpler IT resource management and enhanced customer engagement.

Such an innovative approach to SaaS enables VPBank to focus more on its core business and growing its clientèle.

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