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Make confident purchase decisions from almost anywhere

It's difficult to make purchase decisions when reports, quotes, and contracts are stored in different locations. You need a way to organize and share information and documentation in one location that’s easily accessible.


Make sure everyone on your team has access to the latest quotes and documentation by storing them in SharePoint. You can even give access to external vendors, clients, and partners.  It’s faster than email and it ensures everyone always has access to the latest requirements.


When your teams are on the go, they can still access the SharePoint and the necessary files using their mobile device, plus make edits, changes and update documentation.


Once you’ve all compared the various quotes, availability, and timing and have come to a decision, create a PO and share it by sending a link to the document from SharePoint.

  • Access documents and reports from a central location, on any device.
  • Share files with internal and external teams.
  • Store and access important documents anytime to make decisions faster.

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