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Make data-driven product design decisions

Understanding customer feedback and what product features and fixes should be prioritized is important for product development and customer satisfaction. You need an easy way to visually view your data to make informed decisions and to keep ahead of the competition.


Discover trends in customer satisfaction by importing your data to Power BI dashboard to create an interactive view. You can import existing data, including common support escalations and the time it took to fix issues, right from tools like Excel.


Use the dashboard’s visual designs to draw attention to sales potential and past customer complaints. When it’s time to present your findings, bring in the Power BI dashboard to help inform decision makers. You can also use Intelligent Search & Discovery to find relevant existing content from across the organization to include in your presentation.

  • Understand customer feedback with interactive dashboards.
  • Help decision makers assess sales potential with the right visuals.
  • Improve product design offerings.

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