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Manage contractors with mobile scheduling

Use mobile communication and scheduling tools to manage contract worker staffing at an event.

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Prepare your team for the event

Managing contractors for an event, such as a product rollout or retail roadshow, requires excellent communication and scheduling tools. Prepare your HR team for the event by bringing them together in a Microsoft Teams channel to share news, files, and tools with your internal team. Then use the Teams scheduling app to provide your contract workers with schedule management and information-sharing tools they can use right from their devices.

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Let contractors view shift schedules on their devices

With Teams installed on their mobile devices, your contractors can view their own schedules and those of their coworkers right from their smartphone or tablet, and you can view and manage staffing, shift swaps, and other changes. Teams also provides a chat feature that you can use to share news and updates with your event team in real time.

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Provide secure access to event resources from anywhere

Your team needs access to company documents to plan and staff your event, and the contractors need to access day-of-event documents. SharePoint provides secure access to internal company resources from almost anywhere, on almost any device. To share documents with the Firstline contract workers who are staffing the event, you can add the documents to the Teams Files tab, so they can access the information directly from their mobile devices, any time they need it.

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Collaborate in real time with the contractors on the event floor

During the event, your contractors might need to contact you with questions, and you might need to connect with your stakeholders to make last-minute arrangements. You can use the Teams chat feature to communicate in real time with individuals or with the event's entire Firstline team.

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