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Create a project plan to coordinate, schedule, and delegate tasks

If you don’t have good planning and monitoring tools, your projects may suffer from insufficient planning and resource management, which can lead to uncoordinated efforts and deteriorate the overall effectiveness of your projects. Project Online provides the necessary tools, reports, and dashboards to help you select the right portfolio to optimize value and manage those projects’ schedules, resources, budgets, and issues/risks. Project Online provides seamless integration with collaboration tools like Skype for Business and Yammer to help keep everyone on the same page.

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Save and share your project's artifacts in a secure environment

Documents necessary to your project can get lost, corrupted, or hopelessly confused when you manage input through multiple email messages. SharePoint allows project managers to create a team library to easily organize, control, and share documents from a single repository. Your team can access project documents from their remote locations on devices they are comfortable using. After shared project documents are accessible, project managers can then use Project Online, with its combined project management tools, to organize teamwork, collaborate on tasks, and track progress on various initiatives.

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Assign and manage tasks to keep things moving smoothly

With Project Online, you can use the Resource Center to easily add resources and assign them to specific tasks. After your project is underway, issues invariably crop up that will require you to reassign tasks: one person is on leave, another moves to a different position within the company, and a third is overloaded. Project Online makes it easy for you to reassign resources as necessary, and it also provides seamless integration with collaboration tools like Skype for Business and Yammer to help keep everyone on the same page.

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Enable end users to organize their work in a tool that is easy to use

Some project tasks can be broken down further and collaborated upon in Planner, which provides a simple, visual way to organize the team's work. You can also manage entire lightweight projects in Planner, which provides familiar project collaboration and conversation tools that team members can access from almost anywhere on any device. Planner provides integrations with Outlook and Microsoft Teams that allow team members to easily collaborate with each other in real time, keeping your project on time.

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View the status of projects and portfolios

With Project Online, you can quickly see how your projects are progressing, allowing you to easily reassign those tasks that are at risk. Project Online provides customizable sample reports to give you insight into how your resources are allocated. You can use the Office 365 Project Portfolio Dashboard app in conjunction with Project Online to quickly drill down into charts that illustrate things like progress, cost, schedule, and resources. You can add the app to Project Online to view and create dashboards on the web, or you can view your dashboards on an iPad by downloading the Office 365 Project Portfolio Dashboard app and connecting it to Project Online.

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Case Studies

Capita Global firm excels at collaboration for less with project management solution

When global professional services firm Capita expanded its project team, it found that migrating from its on-premises project management system to cloud-based Microsoft Project Online would create big savings. What senior management hadn’t predicted was the impact of the solution’s flexible real-time project reporting and seamless interoperability with Office 365. Employees swiftly adopted the solution after a drama-free implementation. With support calls down and morale up, Capita is poised for continued success.

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