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Manage resources and scheduling to coordinate a team sale

Organize the tasks and resources needed to bring a team sale to fruition by leveraging powerful, intuitive project management tools.

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Schedule and delegate tasks in a shared project management system

When your team is responsible for closing a team sale, all team members need to know their assignments and how they fit into the big picture. Set up a schedule in Project Online to track resources, tasks, processes, and more, in an online workspace that everyone can access. Project Online is an easy-to-use project management service that offers full portfolio and project management tools on the web. Your sales team can use it to organize teamwork, collaborate on tasks, and track progress on the sale.

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Evaluate, optimize, and prioritize tasks to keep your team informed

Prioritizing the tasks on a fast-moving team sale requires close communication within your sales team. You can easily keep everyone up to date in a Microsoft Teams channel. In Teams, you and your colleagues can discuss client insights and relevant data as the sale progresses. Share your desktop to evaluate tasks and deliverables, use @mentions to bring in other team members or experts, and quickly call a voice or video meeting to gather the whole team to prioritize next steps, all from within a single workspace.

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Save time by using familiar scheduling tools, accessed across devices

Your sales team might not be familiar with robust project management tools, and you don't have time to create custom reports to help them understand their individual tasks. Use Planner to provide your team with familiar project collaboration and conversation tools that they can access from anywhere and from most devices.

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Gain insight into how resources are used throughout the sales cycle

Knowing how your sales reps and support staff are being used helps ensure that the sales campaign runs on time and on budget, and ensures that your sales team members aren't overworked. Project Online provides numerous, customizable sample reports from Excel Online to easily give you insight into how your resources are allocated across the entire sales team.

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Case Studies

Global leader in water parks chooses Project Online to increase collaboration and drive digital transformation

As the global leader in designing and manufacturing water parks, WhiteWater is committed to providing first class experiences to their clients by delivering the highest quality products, installed on time and on budget. With 8 international offices, WhiteWater needed a cloud solution to drive operational efficiencies and increase collaboration between teams. Partnering with Arbutus Solutions, WhiteWater deployed Project Online alongside Microsoft Dynamics and Power BI to optimize their business.

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