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Manage sell sheet projects in a team-based environment

Improve the relationship management team's industry knowledge by managing sell sheet projects in an intuitive team-based environment.

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Easily coordinate, schedule, and delegate tasks in a shared environment

When you use email to manage a project, such as preparing sell sheets, you lose time and momentum waiting for contributors to complete updates. Documents can get lost or corrupted. You might not know deliverable status because you can't contact contributors. You can create a SharePoint team library to organize, control, and share documents from one location. Your team can access sell sheets from remote locations on most devices. You can then use Project Portfolio Management, with its combined project management tools and Outlook group shared calendar, to organize teamwork, collaborate on tasks, and track progress on the sell sheets.

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Manage tasks by using reports that keep everyone on the same page

If you don’t have good planning and monitoring tools to organize the process of researching and creating your sell sheets, the process might suffer from insufficient scheduling and resource management, which can lead to uncoordinated efforts and deteriorate the overall effectiveness of the result. Project Portfolio Management provides the necessary tools, reports, and dashboards to monitor your project schedule, resources, budget, and issues or risks. Project Online provides integration with collaboration tools like Skype for Business and Yammer to help keep everyone on the same page.

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Gather expert input by scheduling tasks in a project planner

In producing an accurate, compelling set of sell sheets, you must get timely and relevant input from your company's managers on the industries they manage. However, these industry experts might not be familiar with the more robust project management tool you are using for the overall project process. To make it easy for these contributors to stay in the loop and provide the input you need, you can schedule their input by using Planner, which provides familiar project collaboration and conversation tools that team members can access from almost anywhere, on any device.

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Troubleshoot the sell sheet creation process in a collaborative workspace

When your project is underway, issues invariably crop up that will require you to reassign tasks: one person is on leave, another switches positions within the company, and a third is overloaded. Project Portfolio Management offers reports and dashboards that let you see how the project is progressing, and lets you reassign those tasks that are at risk. Planner provides virtual chat-centered workspaces that allow team members to easily collaborate with each other in real time, keeping your project on time.

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Gain insight into how your team's resources are being used

Knowing how (or whether) your resources are being used appropriately helps ensure that your sell sheets are produced on time and on budget. Project Online provides numerous, customizable sample reports to easily give you insight into how your resources are allocated.

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Case Studies

Engineering firm uses cloud-based solution to generate, execute, and monitor IT projects

Arup is a global design and engineering firm that uses cutting-edge technology for all aspects of its work. To give management better visibility into IT projects, Arup uses Microsoft Project Online. With it, executives, project managers, and the PMO collect great ideas, launch projects, and gain instant visibility into project health. Employees have anytime, anywhere, any-device access to cloud-based project data. Arup is expanding its use of Project Online to help it handle a rising tide of IT projects.

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