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Engage the team and apply scrum practices to quickly resolve issues

When you’re in development, it’s important for your team to respond to bugs quickly. You need a way to apply scrum practices to communicate and react to updates and blockers as efficiently as possible.

Solve issues in real time with Microsoft Teams. Store important documents in the Files tab to keep everything in one central location to refer to at any time. Use chat, @mentions, and audio or video calling to ask questions and quickly get answers to issues. 
Add in third-party tools like Jira or GitHub to Teams to identify bugs for visibility. You can also add Planner in a tab to create, update, and assign tasks, like coding activities, to your scrum team. 
Finally, add a OneNote connector to scribe meeting notes and action items. You can easily revisit the notes for tracking and resolution.
  • Resolve issues and blockers in real time.
  • Surface and respond to bugs faster. 
  • Assign tasks and commitments, and easily follow up.