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Balance classroom time with other faculty investments

Your time is valuable, and the more you can spend in the classroom the better. You need to find the most efficient way to prepare conference and board presentations and get input or approval from colleagues so you can focus your energy on what’s really important.

Create and edit your presentations easily with PowerPoint. The PowerPoint Designer feature offers professional-looking designs to choose from based on the content of your presentation. When you save the document to OneDrive, you can access it from any device and make edits with the PowerPoint mobile app. 
To get feedback from other teachers, create a channel in Microsoft Teams. Upload your presentation and invite other teachers to the team. They can coauthor the presentation with you or add comments in the document. Use chat, audio, or video calling to ask questions and get feedback in real time.
  • Share and edit presentations from anywhere, on any device. 
  • Make last-minute changes to presentations from your mobile device. 
  • Store all materials in one secure location for easy access.