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Maximize the impact of your firstline workforce

The impact of a digital transformation extends throughout your organization, from the CEO to the Firstline worker. As you embark on your own transformation, your Firstline workforce is particularly important. You can enable Firstline workers to do their best work with tools for schedule and task management, communications and community, training and onboarding, and identity and access management.

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Empower firstline workers with what they need to stay productive

Help firstline workers get more done with modern apps and tools. Teams is the go-to tool for everything work-related. Firstline workers can quickly view schedules, swap shifts, request time off, find information, catch up with the team, and stay connected to the organization. You can also use SharePoint and OneDrive to seamlessly share content and resources, ensuring that Firstline workers have access to the information they need to do their best work.

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Connect everyone in your organization, from the CEO to the firstline worker

Connect remote and distributed workers to the organization and to each other to unlock new opportunities for growth, community, innovation, and value creation. With Office 365 and Yammer, you can open new channels of communication across the organization to share best practices and turn insight into action. Or quickly bring the entire organization together with a live Skype Meeting Broadcast to share important company announcements or a message directly from the CEO to the firstline.

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Onboard, train, and integrate firstline workers quickly into the organization

Accelerate training programs and the onboarding process to improve Firstline worker productivity and help ensure that each employee is supported and prepared from Day 1. Deliver onboarding materials and schedule training directly in Teams, and use SharePoint to manage, archive, and share content all in one place.

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Enable firstline workers to connect, collaborate, and share in real time

Work better together by enabling individuals and teams to communicate, share ideas, solve customer problems, and make the most of each opportunity. Use Microsoft Teams to create a chat-based workspace that brings together chat, content, people, and tools in one place. And use Skype for Business to give firstline workers instant access and to let them communicate with their supervisors, the head office, or their peers in real time. Each tool is designed so workers can quickly connect without slowing down productivity, to keep the organization moving forward.

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Digitize business processes and tools to scale cloud capabilities

Accelerate business activity and deliver the cloud tools and capabilities that firstline workers need to stay current and competitive, and to do their best work. Use PowerApps to turn firstline worker expertise into solutions that scale with ease, giving the firstline workforce what they need to drive results. Update and modernize business process with Microsoft Flow by creating automated workflows between apps, files, and data, freeing firstline workers to focus less on daily operations and process and more on the work that matters and drives business results.

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