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Meet compliance standards while making school data accessible

To meet compliance standards, institutions need to safeguard sensitive student information, while allowing permissioned staff to access select data. You need a student data storage solution that’s secure, yet accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Keep student information accessible and secure by leveraging Office 365 security controls and configurations to protect personal data. 
With Office 365, staff can access data from anywhere, on any device, without worry. Security policies like Information Rights Management, data loss prevention (DLP), and Mobile Device Management ensure that data is protected on personal devices. 
Schools can also control how information is shared, using Azure Information Protection. Define policies, including who can access data and what they can do with it, so data is always protected. Additional features include the ability to flag potential information leaks or abuses before they happen.
  • Set up access credentials and multi-factor authentication. 
  • Store sensitive information and access it from anywhere, on any device. 
  • Control how student information is shared.