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Meet global compliance standards with controls and visibility

Maintain a productive business across industries and around the world with security solutions that meet a variety of compliance standards.

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Align security and privacy policies with compliance laws worldwide

With today’s global companies and a more mobile workforce, staying up to date with international and regional compliance certifications and industry standards can be overwhelming. Your organization can greatly diminish the risk of compliance violations by using the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center to manage compliance for all of its data across Office 365. The Security & Compliance Center allows the management of eDiscovery searches and holds, access for mobile devices, and much more.

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Ensure transparency and maintain company compliance policies

The Service Assurance Dashboard in the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center provides your organization and clients with detailed information about how Office 365 implements security, privacy, and compliance controls, and how third-party auditors perform audits to test these controls; along with loads of other information such as how to leverage Office 365 security controls and configurations to protect data.

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Gain client confidence in highly regulated industries

Your company must maintain your clients' confidentiality and safeguard their data—and prove that it is doing so. To assure clients that their data is secure, your organization can share information with them from a unified audit log, controlled from the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center. This searchable audit log details user and admin activity in Office 365, such as who accessed or deleted files. Also, though there is no standing access into customers’ content, with Customer Lockbox, customers can be brought into the operational workflow when access is required by a Microsoft service engineer.

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Incorporate data governance into daily productivity tasks

To work securely with your customers and clients, you need to know that your company protects its data. This includes avoiding the risks involved in retaining unnecessary data, such as the personal information of former employees. Office 365 Advanced Data Governance applies machine learning to help your organization find and retain important data while eliminating trivial, redundant, and obsolete data that could cause risk if compromised. Your company can also use Office 365 eDiscovery to find, preserve, analyze, and package electronic content for a legal request or investigation.

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Keep employees productive by avoiding delays due to compliance concerns

Stay productive in the office and on business trips by providing employees with easy-to-use Office 365 mobile and desktop apps that help ensure security, privacy, and compliance. Storing company information in a central repository such as SharePoint ensures that information is easy to find, and after content is updated on one device, any changes automatically sync to all devices. With permission levels set and rights management protection policies enabled, you can quickly but securely share files with the people who need them.

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Case Studies

Food company enhances global teamwork, unity, and efficiency with Microsoft Office 365

Smithfield Foods brings bacon, ham, and other packaged meats to family tables around the world. Seeking to unite its many operating companies under a single corporate umbrella, Smithfield standardized on Microsoft Office 365 to give its geographically dispersed workforce better access to colleagues and company information. In addition to saving hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, Smithfield is building connections.

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