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Meet with coworkers and customers around the world

Communicate with remote stakeholders by easily scheduling calls and online meetings, or quickly starting an ad hoc call or IM.

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Quickly plan and launch meetings with visibility into attendee availability

Trying to coordinate a time to connect with team members and stakeholders around the world can be difficult. Use Outlook to easily schedule a Skype for Business online meeting for your group, regardless of its size. If you're using Exchange, Outlook lets you see your team members' availability so you don’t have to ask, wait for a response, and then ask again.

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Ensure that you have the right tools for your meeting

Teams need to communicate frequently to build expertise and consensus, but ordinary conference calls cannot convey visual information and quickly become prohibitively expensive.

Skype for Business is not only a cost-effective solution, it is also a comprehensive multimedia platform that is agile enough to fit the specific needs of your meeting. Anyone you invite to your meeting can participate by using the audio, video, one-click screen sharing, and IM capabilities that are standard in Skype for Business.

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Resolve complications and build consensus faster

To keep your project on time and on budget, you need to move fast. When complications crop up, use Outlook, with its calendar-based notifications and availability information, to quickly schedule and launch meetings.

You also need to be able to convey the right information in the right format. Skype for Business lets you set up meetings using video, audio, and/or screen sharing. You can also record meetings for those people who are unable to virtually attend your meeting.

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Connect with others regardless of their location or internet connectivity

Sometimes you just need one question answered, and answered quickly, to get your project back on track, but if your expert is in a remote location or doesn’t have a reliable internet connection, your project is in trouble.

Skype for Business offers real-time communication solutions to enable you to find and connect with available experts by using IM, video, or voice. If your company has set up PSTN conferencing with Skype for Business Cloud PBX, meeting attendees can call in from their phones, even in the absence of an internet connection. 

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Send emails later, track responses, schedule meetings, and more

Boomerang lets you schedule emails to be sent at the optimal time, and can make sure you remember to follow up on important messages. With Boomerang, Outlook and users can easily schedule meetings and send their availability to contacts directly in an email without navigating to a separate calendar window or tab.  

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Case Studies

African mining operations connect in the cloud despite the remotest of locations

Effective communications for field workers at the BIA Group was hampered by remote working locations such as mines and quarries in the desert and a siloed information structure. However, by turning to the cloud and implementing Office 365, not only were these obstacles overcome, but client collaboration also improved, productivity increased and costs fell.

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