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Organize teamwork visually

Microsoft Planner lets you create, manage, and complete tasks with anyone in your organization through a single, easy-to-use portal. The secure, cloud-based tool provides access to your entire group from all devices, so no one misses a step.

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Simplify task management

The Planner Board collects all plan data onto one easy-to-read page so you can quickly get up to speed on plan developments. With a glance, you can see who’s working on what and when tasks are due. Never miss another deadline.

Break your plan into tasks that are easily tracked and completed. You can name a task, add details, and set its due date at the same time. The task page is the home for all aspects of the task – its people, files, and timelines.

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Update plans from anywhere

Groups can collaborate from wherever they are; being in the same room is no longer a requirement to effectively work together. Planner captures and organizes meeting notes in the plan notebook, and calendaring meetings and events is a snap when all group members share the same calendar page. Office files are also stored in OneDrive so all group members can access and modify them.

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Track task progress to completion

Planner tracks developments by task status. Tasks are either not started, in progress or complete. You can also add a checklist to track and keep a task organized. The ‘Chart view’ lets you see the “big picture” of all tasks and how they are progressing toward plan completion.

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