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Participate in valuable stakeholder meetings from anywhere

Making the most out of stakeholder meetings requires accessing important information and having the right people in the discussion. You need to have information available and ensure employees can participate in the discussion no matter where they are.


Remote teams can join face-to-face stakeholder meetings from anywhere with Microsoft Teams. Using built-in video conferencing, screen sharing and instant message capabilities, remote participants can present their findings, reports, and analyses with ease.


Teams works on any platform, including Windows, iOS, and Android, so everyone has access, in-office and via mobile locations.


Using the mobile Power BI app gives you access to rich, interactive reports no matter where you are and works securely on any device. Pull interactive reports into Teams during meetings to share the latest updates and answer questions in real time.

  • Easily share insights, reports, and analyses from any device.
  • Discover and explore analyses from anywhere.
  • Bring the right people into meetings in real time to discuss insights and reports.