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Personalize instruction by analyzing student performance

Not all students are the same, and their lesson plans shouldn’t be either. You need to understand individual students’ strengths and areas requiring attention, so you can customize learning plans and improve their performance.


Get a better understanding of your students’ performance by importing their data from Excel into Power BI. This makes it more visually impactful in an interactive dashboard. Adjust certain criteria to gain insight into student needs so you can implement the most effective learning plan.


When you upload the student data into the school’s SharePoint library, permissioned staff can access it and pull information to help students improve. Having insight into individual student deficiencies can help all educators apply corrective treatment and additional learning plans to improve student performance.

  • Visualize individual students’ strengths and needs.
  • Create an effective learning plan by understanding current and future needs.
  • Manage student performance from one secure location.

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