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Pinpoint market trends that impact financial performance

Assess financial performance risks by identifying market trends and reviewing internal and external data.

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Analyze market data from multiple sources

To correctly analyze trends in the markets you're tracking, you need quick, accurate access to the relevant data, either from within your company or from external sources. You can discover, refine, and combine external data with internal data sets by using Excel Power Query. A query enables you to connect to, preview, and transform data from a wide variety of available data sources, like Facebook or Salesforce, and import the data into your Excel workbook.

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Create a market trend visual dashboard

After you gather all your data, you can share the information in an interactive Power BI market trend visualization. In the Power BI dashboard, you can show your colleagues a 360-degree view of the most important metrics in one place, updated in real time, and available on almost any device.

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Uncover new insights with targeted questions

Now that your visual market trend dashboard is up and running, you can enhance your discovery of performance risks through Power BI Q&A. With Q&A, you can explore your data by using intuitive, natural language capabilities, and then receive answers in the form of charts and graphs.

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Case Studies

Bank gets insight needed to balance risks and returns while boosting competitiveness

To deliver competitive services that balance risks and returns, Union Bank of Israel needed greater operational insight. To achieve this, the bank replaced a third-party reporting solution with one based on the Microsoft platform. With it, the bank speeds efficiency by 50 percent, increases insight and accuracy, minimizes risk, improves collaboration, and facilitates agility.

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