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Plan and carry out a successful product launch

Product launches require a lot of time, planning, and collaboration. It can be challenging to coordinate tasks across teams to ensure deadlines are met and to secure stakeholder agreement for a successful launch.


Keep your product launches on schedule with Project Online. lt helps you maintain your schedule, resources, and budget to keep tasks on track. And it integrates with apps and services like Yammer and Microsoft Teams, so you can keep the conversations going once timelines and deliverables are assessed.


If you want companywide feedback, use Yammer. With @mentions, you can ask questions or assign tasks to specific people. Or create smaller, internal teams with Microsoft Teams. Dedicate channels to specific teams, like your social media department, so they can focus on digital assets. You can also use @mentions in Teams to ping team members for help or assign tasks. In your channels, share Word and Excel docs right into the conversation and access them later in the Files tab.

  • Manage schedules, budgets, and assess the end-to-end project commitments and deliverables.
  • Secure input and feedback from all stakeholders throughout your launch.
  • Collaborate and complete tasks together.

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