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Plan and coordinate account management activities

Easily communicate and collaborate with geographically dispersed account management teams in a mobile-friendly chat-based workspace.

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Set up an Account Management team environment

You can use Microsoft Teams to coordinate account management initiatives 

Teams provides a single place where the team can have conversations related to account management, and access all content and tools. Create your Account Management team in Teams, and then add a channel for each aspect of the work—for example, you might have team channels for customer news and updates, current engagements, new opportunities, and your sales playbook. Then you can get the teamwork started in those channels by starting conversations, and @mention specific team members to pull them in. 

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Store and share resources and notes

You can share files that contain information about current engagements, new opportunities, or other account-related topics in a Microsoft Teams channel or conversation. Keep frequently referenced files at your team members' fingertips by adding tabs that link directly to the files. Shared files are available in the Files tab for team members to review and discuss them within the Teams environment.  

In each channel’s Files tab, you can add relevant documents such as decks for account reviews of current engagements or status reports needed at the account level, or you can pull together a sales playbook with positioning guides and battle cards, sales methodology and training presentations, marketing brochures, approved customer references and case studies, and much more. 

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Track account information and share it with the team

Make sure your Account Management team always has the latest information by connecting to existing customer relationship management tools, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce, directly in your Microsoft Teams channel. Then you can visualize the most impactful trends by adding a Power BI dashboard to your channel. Power BI is a collection of software services, apps, and connectors that work together to turn your unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights.  

On team channels, all relevant content is available to team members with the appropriate permissions, regardless of whether its source is an internal or external application or service. With all your assets accessible from one chat-based workspace, your team can move quickly from conversations to content and tasks, with context, continuity, and transparency to the entire team. 

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Keep up with customer updates via social media

Be aware of the latest updates and changes in a customer’s business and industry for proactive, knowledgeable, and personalized customer relationship management. In your Microsoft Teams channel, you can share news with your team in the Conversations tab, post relevant articles and documents in the channel, or even feed relevant information from the web directly into the channel 

For example, use the Twitter connector to deliver content from customers’ accounts, the Facebook Pages connector to deliver updates from customers’ Facebook pages, and the Bing News connector to deliver content that mentions your customers. You can also connect from Teams to external workloads such as task management systems (like Asana, Pivotal Tracker, or Trello) and customer relationship management systems (like Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce), and use the connector to automatically post to Conversations when a task or opportunity is updated. 

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Access your info on the go

You can easily access any of your account management information from your phone or tablet by using the Microsoft Teams and OneDrive mobile apps for iOS and Android 

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Case Studies

Hendrick Motorsports uses Microsoft Teams to win productivity race

Things happen fast at Hendrick Motorsports. The teamwork required to field winning cars for this premier stock car racing organization is no exception. That’s why it uses the flexible chat-based workspaces within Microsoft Teams to store data and conversations so car crews, engineers, and mechanics can make split-second decisions that could win a race. Now that Teams is part of the company’s collaboration toolbox, productivity is accelerating, and teams are working better together in the journey to Victory Lane. 

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