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Protect customer and supplier data while maintaining productivity

Companies need to protect customer and supplier data from loss or theft to maintain customer satisfaction and adhere to regulatory compliance requirements. You need to ensure documents are protected with the appropriate permissions, policies, and access management, which can be difficult to manage without a reliable and secure solution.

Microsoft Intune provides security policies that protect customer and supplier information in the cloud and on-premises from any device, anytime. You can set up credential-based permissions to various datasets depending on an employee’s role. Decide security policies and access rules for different devices, so if any are lost or stolen, you can easily wipe information remotely. 
Maintain productivity and easily access customer orders and supply chain documents on the go with Azure Active Directory. Use Azure Multi-Factor Authentication to allow access outside the corporate network to employees who need it. With Azure Information Protection, you can classify data based on  sensitivity and label information to ensure it’s protected from unauthorized access.
  • Prevent data loss from any device, anywhere. 
  • Decide security policies based on permission levels, roles, and needs. 
  • Ensure data is classified and protected for future security compliance.