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Protect customer information with security policies and access management

Your customer’s data is valuable and requires protection, but still needs to be accessible to employees. You need to configure permissions levels to share only certain portions of customer information, contracts, and histories.

Keep customer information safe and accessible with Azure Active Directory. Permission levels allow you to configure your data access and multi-factor authentication protects against unauthorized use. 
Stay on top of all your customer’s documents, like contact and price lists, with Azure Information Protection. It automatically classifies, labels, and encrypts data at the time of creation or modification to ensure information is protected.
Office 365 provides you with multiple layers of encryption to secure your files and documents. When you use Information Rights Management (IRM), information stored in SharePoint is encrypted, so only people with permissions can view those files.
  • Configure data access credentials and multi-factor authentication. 
  • Encrypt customer documents in a secure location to protect sensitive data.