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Protect loyalty program data with security and privacy policies

Protect the data for your customer loyalty program and other customers better with security and privacy policies, and ensure easy access to independent compliance reports and assessments.

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Store customer information in compliance with worldwide laws

You need to ensure that your customers' credit card information, loyalty program data, and other private information is stored securely and in compliance with industry and global requirements, whether your customers are in your city or across the globe. The Office 365 Security & Compliance Center is designed to help your company manage compliance and security features across Office 365.

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Gain customer confidence with transparent corporate security policies

When your company subscribes to Office 365, you can easily prove to your customers and third parties that your company follows all policies and compliance regulations. Through the Service Assurance Dashboard in the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center, your administrators have access to reports with detailed information about how Office 365 implements security, privacy, and compliance controls. When you share these reports with your customers, they can be reassured that their store credit card data is safe.

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Incorporate data governance and compliance into marketing tasks

How can you protect sensitive internal and customer information across documents and devices, while still retaining the productivity you need to be successful? Office 365 makes this possible with its industry-leading security policies, such as Information Rights Management (IRM), data loss prevention (DLP), and mobile device management (MDM).

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Stay productive by avoiding delays due to compliance concerns

Staying productive but keeping your data secure in the office and on business trips is crucial. With easy-to-use Office 365 mobile and desktop apps that help ensure security, privacy, and compliance, you get the best of both worlds.

Storing company information in a central repository such as SharePoint ensures that information is easy to find, and after content is updated on one device, any changes automatically sync to all devices. With permission levels set and rights management protection policies enabled, you can quickly but securely share files with the people who need them.

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Maintain compliance across documents and devices

You can manage and secure the mobile devices you rely on when you're away from the office by using mobile device management for Office 365. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets that are used to access work email, calendars, contacts, and documents play a big part in making sure that you get your work done, wherever you are. Your company can use MDM for Office 365 to set device security policies and access rules, and to wipe mobile devices if they’re lost or stolen.

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Case Studies

Building a connected workplace with Microsoft Office 365 to engage global customers

To modernize its business while building a global market served by an expansive supply chain, the Grundfos Group turned to Microsoft Office 365. Today, employees enjoy enhanced mobility and near-ubiquitous access to data, which helps them work better together in the interests of their customers around the world. And with a single enterprise-ready business productivity platform, IT staff now save time and money while keeping the workforce productive.

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