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Protect patient and hospital data while making it accessible

Protecting patient and medical care data is challenging. Regulatory requirements, privacy restrictions, and operations all require absolute security, yet information and records need to be accessible to colleagues and staff, both onsite and in mobile environments.

Classify and encrypt patient records based on their sensitivity with Azure Information Protection. Once configured, qualified staff can view all relevant patient information while others can only access select views. 
Connect with other clinicians securely by using encrypted messaging. Your communications will be protected with Office Message Encryption and Information Rights Management so only the intended audience can read your email and notices. 
Use Office 365 data governance features to manage the full content lifecycle. Plus, set device security policies and access rules for mobile devices, by  enrolling them in mobile device management (MDM).
  • Manage the complete content lifecycle. 
  • Protect email communications with encryption and info rights management. 
  • Secure data and records so they are only accessible to those with appropriate permissions.