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Protect your information and reduce risk of data loss

Create policies and procedures that enable your workforce to stay productive on their own devices while keeping company information better protected.

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Provide conditional access to apps and information based on credentials

Your organization can use Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) conditional access policies to apply access rules to any Azure AD–connected application, such as Office 365,, Box, ServiceNow, and other SaaS and custom or on-premises web applications. More-sensitive apps can be assigned stricter policies for all or specific groups of users, such as requiring Azure Multi-Factor Authentication or even blocking access outside the corporate network, while less-sensitive apps can have policies that are more open. Conditional access policies are available through Azure AD Premium.

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Label, classify, and encrypt sensitive documents and communication

With Azure Information Protection, your organization can safeguard all your sensitive documents and communication. You can classify data based on sensitivity and add labels—manually or automatically—encrypt your sensitive data and define usage rights when needed, apply protection easily without interrupting employees' normal course of work, and see what’s happening with your shared data to gain more control over it.

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Use document security policies to protect critical company data

Your IT department can control access to data while limiting third-party interaction with customer content by using data governance features in the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center. With these features enabled, your organization can import email from other systems, enable archiving of mailboxes, or set policies for retaining email and other content.

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Securely manage apps and data on different operating systems

Microsoft Intune provides mobile application management (MAM) and mobile device management (MDM) policies that protect company information in the cloud and on-premises. You can enroll your devices in Intune, or use the Office 365 built-in mobile device management functionality.

Your IT department can set up both Intune and MDM, giving the organization the option to decide which solution is best for specific users and devices.

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Ensure information security in the event of a lost or stolen device

Even the most cautious person can misplace a device or lose it due to theft. When this happens, your IT department can selectively or completely wipe the device remotely by using mobile device management (MDM) for Office 365.

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Case Studies

Natuurmonumenten builds a protected foundation for increased staff mobility with the Microsoft Cloud

Protecting the world’s parks and wildlife areas from development is easier when it’s a priority for more people. Vereniging Natuurmonumenten understands this. Its mission is to get everyone to visit and fall in love with nature’s monuments in the Netherlands so future generations will enjoy them. The organization’s employees actively work to preserve natural areas and safeguard wildlife.

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