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Provide a chat-based workspace

Microsoft Teams brings together information that teams need to work effectively and perform at their peak. This mobile-friendly chat-based workspace combines chat, documents, people, and tools in one secure place.

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A channel for everything

Channels are how Microsoft Teams organizes conversations. You can set up your channels however you like—by topic, discipline, project or even just for fun! Channels are open to everyone on the team, so everyone on the team can see the discussions and shared documents within a channel.

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Chat the way you work

If you need to take conversations one-on-one, or in a smaller group, then start a chat with just those people. In a team channel, you can @mention people to bring a conversation to their attention, Like a comment, or add a Flag to yourself for later.

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Meetings in moments

You can start a voice or video call right from within the channel or private chat. Invite the whole team, or just those you need, to video call, share screen and chat alongside. The call is visible in the chat history for people who missed it to see who joined and what was shared.

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Add the tools you need

Tabs let you set up your channels with the tools and services your team needs. Files and notes are built in, and you can add your own tabs for additional tools like PowerPoint presentations, Power BI reports or SharePoint sites for the team to access, discuss and collaborate on – all within the channel.

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