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Make team scheduling easier

Scheduling can be difficult, especially organizing staff across different departments and shifts. The customer experience must not be disrupted when addressing schedule changes and ensuring coverage. You need a solution that makes it easier for supervisors and employees to set and manage schedules.
Manage schedules more easily with Microsoft Teams. Create employee groups to help you organize your team members by role or  department on the schedule. For example, a hotel might have front desk, room service, and valet groups. Add workers and create group schedules that everyone can see instantly. 
Employees can view their schedule, see who else is working when they are, and request time off―all from their mobile device. 
Supervisors can then approve or deny schedule changes or time-off requests for employees to see in real time. In addition, supervisors can use Teams to distribute policy and news updates to all employees, keeping them in the loop with the knowledge they need to have.
  • Create employee groups for easier scheduling. 
  • Instantly make schedule changes for employees to see. 
  • Access and update scheduling from anywhere, on any device.