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Quickly identify and engage with in-house industry experts

Helping clients invest in highly specialized areas requires expert insight and content, but that can be challenging to find when there are multiple places to look. You need to easily identify relevant information and engage industry experts across your organization, to confirm your findings, assess market trends and finalize your recommendation.


Eliminate the learning curve when analyzing unfamiliar market trends by using a Yammer group to get expert opinions in real time. Use Yammer to connect with people in your organization who can offer knowledge and guidance on a particular industry. You can also find existing content to support your analysis with Delve, which surfaces relevant content and people based on the work you’re doing.


If you’re using Delve to find content for your market analysis, you can click on the document’s content card to instantly add it to Yammer, and keep the conversation going. Have experts work together on the document in SharePoint to maintain version control. Plus, when experts store industry ROI knowledge and documents in SharePoint, anyone with permissions can reference it later.

  • Brainstorm with industry experts to prepare your market analysis.
  • Work together with experts from anywhere.
  • Access marketing analysis data from one shared location.

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