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Quickly visualize your sales data

Share compelling sales data visualizations and dashboards with your team for better collaboration.

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Share live data with your team in real-time dashboards

Make better product decisions by using live sales data, rather than data captured a week ago in a static report. With Power BI, you can connect to a wide range of data sources and services you use to run your business, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Power BI creates a dashboard and a set of reports based on that live data that automatically show your sales data.

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Visualize complex sales forecast data for easier analysis

Graphs and charts present sales and product data in relatively simple formats. Sometimes you want to present your sales performance analysis in a more compelling and insightful way, to make it really stand out. You can import your data from Excel into Power BI and use a wide range of visualizations, from simple bar charts to pie charts to maps, and even more esoteric offerings like waterfalls, funnels, gauges, and more. Power BI Desktop also offers extensive page formatting tools, such as shapes and images, that help bring your data to life.

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Keep your team informed by quickly sharing interactive visuals

Share dashboards and visualizations with your sales team by creating a Power BI app and adding it to your Microsoft Teams channel. Apps bring multiple Power BI dashboards together so your sales team members don't have to remember the names of all these dashboards and how to navigate to them. You can send your teammates a direct link to the app, and they can easily find and return to your content later.

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Use data connectivity to create visually compelling process diagrams

Your sales prospecting pursuit can sometimes be shown in process diagrams. You can use a Visio flowchart to present a process in a clear and vibrant graphic, to highlight the information you want to call attention to. Because Visio is integrated with Excel, you can automatically create a data-connected diagram from an Excel spreadsheet. When you use Visio Online, you can share the results with your sales team in any browser.

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Case Studies

Insurance adviser helps SMBs thrive with Power BI

A major economic driver in Australia, small and midsize businesses (SMBs) contribute approximately 40 percent of the country’s GDP. About 80 percent of those businesses are located in Eastern Australia, where Insurance Advisernet Australia (IAA) helps keep the economy humming with its financial services designed for SMBs. The firm operates a franchise environment, with 140 local advisers serving their neighborhood businesses while tapping into support from IAA corporate offices.

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