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Reduce downtime by responding to maintenance requests faster

Production downtime due to maintenance requests can cost businesses time and money. You need an easy way to track requests and store documentation on projects in one location.


With SharePoint, you have one place to store previous maintenance requests, with known processes, contacts, and procedures, so you can quickly implement a new service request.


Set a service procedure in motion with Project, which makes it easy to track progress and balance resource needs for maintenance requests across the company.


When a problem in your service procedure happens, create a Microsoft Teams channel with your team of experts to quickly solve issues. Use chat and audio, or video calling, to work together on solutions and avoid downtime. You can also add Planner to create new plans, organize and assign tasks, and keep track of your progress.

  • Manage maintenance requests from one location.
  • Assign, track, and manage maintenance projects.
  • Communicate maintenance progress and resolve issues as a team.  

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