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Safeguard company data and systems from malicious threats

Collecting retail data is a necessary part of doing business. Making it accessible to those who require access while keeping it secure is critical. You need a solution that protects existing data and senses suspicious activities or failures that can lead to data loss, breach, or direct threat.

When your company stores sensitive information or data, it’s imperative you identify and deal with breaches and malware attacks as quickly as possible to minimize the damage. Office 365 Threat Intelligence helps your company proactively uncover and protect against advanced threats in Office 365. 
Attacks often come through malicious email, attachments, and links, but Advanced Threat Protection will intelligently detect and disarm risky email content you receive, before it can cause damage.
Unfortunately, attacks can sometimes come from within. With integrated tools in Office 365, like audit logs, you can quickly identify and address suspicious internal behavior. And Advanced Security Management allows you to identify high-risk and abnormal usage, including sign-in failures, admin activity, and inactive accounts. So you can rest easy knowing your company’s data is protected from all sides.
  • Get prompts and alerts about breaches and malware detections. 
  • Quickly identify and address suspicious internal behavior. 
  • Identify high-risk and abnormal usage, security incidents, and threats.