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Securely access and use sales data from almost anywhere

When you and your team travel for work, you need to be productive, often without internet access. You need a solution that lets you securely access, update, and share information―while capturing and saving any changes you make offline.

When you create or review sales data, you can save your documents in the cloud with OneDrive. This makes files accessible from anywhere, on almost any device, and any changes you make offline will automatically sync back to the cloud once you’re reconnected. 
With SharePoint, your team can easily store documents in one location, securing the information and making it accessible anywhere. You can work on documents together while maintaining version control. 
And when you’re ready to share your sales reports, you can send a secure link that gives stakeholders access to edit or simply review based on their permission level.
  • Sync online sales documents to local devices to work offline. 
  • Securely share files with sales team members and external stakeholders. 
  • Generate links from your device to share large sales documents.