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Securely qualify sales leads from wherever you are

Use enterprise-grade identity management controls and secure sign-in methods to ensure that your login credentials are secure, so that you can qualify leads on the sales floor or in the field.

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More securely access data across multiple devices

You can access and analyze the information you need to qualify leads out on the sales floor or in the field, while still ensuring that the company's data remains secure, when your company uses Azure Active Directory (AD) Premium. Azure AD Premium helps protect your company's data with identity and access management in the cloud. It works with iOS, Mac OS X, Android, and Windows devices, so you can rely on its enterprise-grade security from wherever you are, on almost any device.

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Qualify leads quickly while meeting compliance requirements

To stay connected and productive so you can quickly score your leads, you need to be able to access and analyze sales and customer data while making sure that your company's compliance policies don't get in the way. Azure AD Premium provides single sign-on to any cloud and on-premises web app, ensuring fast access to the work files and apps you need while helping to protect the company's data, and the robust mobility security features of Windows 10 Enterprise help you stay productive and secure from wherever you are.

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Manage and maintain security policies across all sales apps

The integration of the sales apps you work with is key to your ability to quickly analyze, score, and qualify leads. Because Azure AD Premium and Windows 10 Enterprise are fully integrated, Azure AD's robust security umbrella covers all of the apps you rely on, such as Dynamics CRM and Office 365 apps, including familiar productivity apps such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. The new enterprise social networking apps such as Yammer and Teams, also fall under this umbrella, providing peace of mind as you work your leads and stay productive.

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Authenticate by using highly secure and advanced sign-in methods

Secure, convenient sign-in has been a necessity since people started communicating across the internet. By using Windows Hello, sales reps pursing leads in the field can sign in to their devices, apps, online services, and networks by using facial, iris, or fingerprint recognition, making it easy for them to stay productive while helping to ensure that the company's data stays secure. Credential Guard, an integrated part of Windows 10 Enterprise, uses virtualization-based security to isolate secrets so that only privileged system software can access them.

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Protect account data while maintaining compliance

As important as it is to maintain easy access to the data and apps you need to qualify leads, protecting your company from security compliance violations is key to retaining customer trust and maintaining your organization's reputation. You can achieve both goals with Azure. With its comprehensive compliance portfolio, Azure is a sound choice for security compliance. With the self-service capabilities, enterprise scale, and service-level agreements in Azure AD, companies can tailor their security policies to exactly meet their compliance needs.

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Case Studies

Securing the skies with robust back office protection

HungaroControl, which manages air traffic space over Hungary and Kosovo, has a mission to provide the best air traffic management services possible.  This drive embraces all aspects of its operations, including back office cybersecurity. To meet these objectives, it rolled out Windows 10 and implemented a raft of integrated security features, from authentication protection and hard drive encryption to securing apps.

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