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Serve customers quickly and securely from the sales floor

Employees should focus on providing great service to the customer rather than running to check inventory or find someone to answer a question. You need to make it easy for your employees to complete sales, check stock, and answer customer inquiries directly from the sales floor.

Give customers a great experience by empowering your sales force with Windows devices. Complete orders and check stock without physically checking inventory or fighting a bottleneck at the cash register. 
Windows 10 devices include industry-leading security and integration with Office 365, so you can be sure your mobile interactions are productive and secure. 
With Microsoft Teams, employees can instantly connect with sales managers and coworkers to answer customer questions directly. They can access company-approved,  customer-ready documents to resolve issues and share with the customer in real-time.
  • Complete customer orders directly from your device. 
  • Answer customer questions directly from the sales floor. 
  • Empower employees to easily help customers.