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Deliver quality customer service by sharing tips and best practices with your sales team

To give customers the best experience possible, service policies are constantly improving, which can make it challenging for team members to stay current on the latest information. You need a place where your team can find the information they need to meet sales numbers and commitments, as well as share tips and success stories.


To inform and prepare your sales staff, create a best practices handbook. You can start by finding existing content with Delve, which surfaces relevant content that you or your coworkers have created based on what you’re working on.


Then get additional input by sharing your draft with the sales team and managers in Yammer. People across the organization can weigh in to make improvements. Yammer is integrated with Office 365, so everyone can access and update shared documents.


Your sales team can also share tips and best practices, and resolve issues in Yammer. Start discussions on new sales techniques and conduct polls to get feedback. Encourage your sales teams to try new tactics and post their success stories for the whole company to learn from.

  • Help the sales team avoid making others’ past mistakes.
  • Update best practices and keep everyone in the know.
  • Conduct polls about ways to improve customer service and get feedback companywide.

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