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Streamline financial report creation

Present important data to clients in a relatable, self-service format without spending all day drafting reports.

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Save relevant data in a central location

Easily access financial and investment data by storing reports and resources in a secure, central location with SharePoint. SharePoint is a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information, from almost any device. Because client financial and investment information is sensitive, consider taking advantage of SharePoint’s ability to customize a folder, list item, or library file to broaden or limit which users can access it and what those users can do to it.

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Identify existing internal content for reports

You can discover and leverage previous analyses your colleagues have performed by using Delve. Delve helps you discover the information that's likely to be most useful to you right now through the power of the Office Graph. You can find metrics that may be useful in your report by searching for the specific subject you’re interested in. Delve never changes any permissions, so you'll only see documents that you already have access to.

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Gather and transform report data from external sources

If you want to include data from outside your organization in your report, you can do so by using Excel Power Query. A query enables you to quickly connect to, preview, and transform data from a wide variety of available data sources. You can connect to external data sources and import the data into your Excel workbook. 

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Uncover insights and trends and display them visually

Now that you have pulled the internal and external investment data you need, you can use Excel to analyze the results, create forecasts and what-if analyses, and present your data in one of Excel’s compelling visualizations with just a few clicks. Then you can create an interactive investment dashboard to share with clients by importing your Excel workbook into Power BI.

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Case Studies

Building a bank that can surprise and delight with Power BI

When Metro Bank opened in London in 2010, it was a brash competitor in a seriously traditional industry. The vision? To redefine the relationship people have with their bank by innovating customer service. With such offerings as seven-day-a-week store hours and lightning-quick service — a customer can open an account and get a debit card within minutes — the bank built a foundation for fast growth, doubling in size year after year and soaring to more than 500,000 customer accounts.

But with that growth has come a need for deeper and more detailed information about what customers want and need — how they interact with the bank’s services, including stores, online, telephony and mobile. Metro Bank needed a business intelligence (BI) solution that could quickly and accurately provide information to guide analysis and decision-making. Microsoft Power BI gave Metro Bank what it was looking for, with interest.

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