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Effectively onboard new employees

Successful new-hire onboarding is critical to engagement and retention, but it can be challenging when the right processes aren’t in place. You need an easy way to make resources, documents, and trainings accessible, and connect new employees with their team and the broader organization for support.


Ensure new employees get the information, support, and training they need with Microsoft Teams. Create a channel dedicated to new hires. You can host trainings with live events and answer questions in real time and address any follow-up questions via chat. Save training videos, documents, and other information in the Files tab so new hires have all the information they need all in one place.


To help new employees get acquainted with the broader organization, invite them to a Yammer group. Yammer is an enterprise social network where companies can share information across the organization. New hires can meet coworkers who share common interests and get feedback and support on projects.  

  • Make training resources and documents easily accessible for new hires.
  • Use live events to engage employees in real time.
  • Connect new hires with their team and organization to create a supportive community.

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