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Learn about Microsoft 365

Transform teamwork in your organization

Microsoft 365 is a universal toolkit for teamwork, serving multiple team needs while providing a seamless experience across apps and services. Avoid multiple sign-ins across unconnected apps, security risks due to noncompliant software, and duplicative tools that strain team productivity. Microsoft 365 provides a single membership across apps and services with Office 365 Groups, suite-wide intelligence with the Microsoft Graph, and security and compliance.

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Use group email and calendars to stay in sync with your team

Microsoft 365 is built on an intelligent fabric that includes Office 365 Groups, a membership service that easily creates a single team identity across apps and services. In Outlook, you can take advantage of this service to:

  • Upgrade your distribution lists to group inboxes with shared assets
  • Share updates with your group in email
  • Keep your group in sync with a shared calendar

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Use a secure, centralized location for intranets and content management

Use a SharePoint team site to provide your team with a single source of truth for your deliverables and supporting content. With SharePoint, you can:

  • Create a company intranet for news and resources
  • Automate document workflows and share lists
  • Share and work together on all your files with OneDrive

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Connect openly with people across your organization

Bring your company together across geographic and hierarchical boundaries by sparking conversations in Yammer, your companywide social network. Use Yammer to:

  • Create a community around topics of interest or areas of practice
  • Drive initiatives for cross-organizational ideation and innovation
  • Foster two-way engagement between leadership and staff—for example, Executive Connections

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Co-author with others by using Office apps

With Office 365 apps such as Word and PowerPoint, you can:

  • See who's in the file with you
  • Work together with real-time co-authoring
  • Track what's changed by using version history

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Connect with people you work with regularly on core projects

Microsoft Teams provides a shared workspace in which your team can:

  • Iterate on team projects
  • Bring everyday Office apps and services into your workspace in one core hub
  • Chat 1:1 or in a group with any other team member, and make audio or video calls
  • Set up meetings with high-definition audio, video, and web conferencing

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