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Understand your work habits to improve your influence and impact

With the personal and organization analytics features in Office 365, everyone in the organization can get rich insights and metrics on reach, influence, and work-life balance, which promotes better time management and employee satisfaction.

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Use Office 365 resources to improve your overall productivity

Office 365 provides a connected work environment of apps and services that work together to increase individual and collective productivity. Individual Office users save time and effort; people across the organization can connect and collaborate to work together and leverage expertise and resources. On the Office 365 home page at, you can find the apps and services that you have access to, and the files and storage locations you’ve used recently, and personalize your Office 365 experience. Start your discovery here!

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Track time spent in meetings, on email, and during focus hours

Do you ever wonder where your day went? The MyAnalytics dashboard uses information from your Office 365 mailbox and calendar to provide insights on the time you spend in meetings and on email over the course of the day. Your MyAnalytics dashboard is private, so only you have the information. Use these insights to gain awareness of how you work; you can then set goals and optimize your time for the highest impact.

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Locate experts and learn more about colleagues relevant to you

Delve uses the power of the Microsoft Graph to connect you to people and information in your organization so you can streamline your productivity processes. Delve connects you to your business colleagues—those you know, and those you don’t—so that you can easily reach out to experts and collaborators for guidance, when you need it.

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Discover what your colleagues are working on

You can easily locate documents that team members are working on, and organize them on Delve Boards so you can quickly find them later. Delve never changes any permissions, so you'll see only documents that you already have access to.

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Case Studies

Iconic food brands join forces, feeding innovation and teamwork with Office 365

The Kraft Heinz Company, created through the merger of Kraft Foods Group and the H.J. Heinz Company, established the world’s fifth-largest food and beverage company. To unite the two organizations, Kraft Heinz relied on the communication and collaboration capabilities of Microsoft Office 365 to ensure employees had access to the information and people they needed to be productive from Day One. The company continues to adopt new Office 365 features to streamline operations, connect from anywhere, and support innovation.

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