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Speed up financial processes with customized automation tools

Reduce time spent manually gathering data, analyzing, and reporting in your financial processes, and focus on your most important work.


Get the most out of your time by automating tasks with Microsoft Flow. You can create workflows for tasks like budget consolidation and transform and share data about how you run processes.  


You can also create interactive, visual dashboards with Power BI to catch problems. Import your data from Excel and it will create a view of your data and trends that’s easy to understand. Plus, it will automatically refresh data, so you’re always working with the latest information to make decisions.


Use PowerApps to improve productivity for your business by easily searching, sorting, and filtering data with a single click. PowerApps create workflow scenarios to transform manual or outdated processes to get teams working more efficiently.

  • Reduce manual data gathering and processing.
  • Automate recurring data.
  • Create workflows to streamline daily work.

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