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Use digital tools to ensure successful promotional events

Ensure that your promotional events are successful by providing Firstline workers with modern digital communication, scheduling, and collaboration tools they can use from the event floor.

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Schedule, reschedule, and submit shift requests anytime, from anywhere

A promotional event needs sales coverage, but not every salesperson can attend, and sometimes a salesperson needs to swap shifts with someone at the last minute. Teams helps sales team members manage their promotional events shifts with schedule management, information sharing, and the ability to connect to other work-related apps and resources from a mobile device or browser. In addition, with Teams installed on their mobile devices, sales team members can view their own schedules and those of their coworkers right from their smartphone or tablet.

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Share event news and updates with the sales team in real time

Often, sales reps travel from one event to the next without touching down at the office in between. To keep them “in the loop” with company decisions and the company culture, add Teams to your set of tools. In addition to its intuitive Firstline scheduling features, Teams provides a chat feature that team members can use to share news and events with coworkers in real time. For a more robust chat experience, Yammer lets your sales team discuss ideas, share updates, and crowdsource answers from coworkers across the organization.

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Securely access the latest versions of product documentation from anywhere

To make sure that your promotional events include the latest product information and messaging, you need to be sure that your sales team has easy access to the latest marketing collateral and product specs, even when they are on the road. SharePoint provides more secure access to company intranet resources such as marketing content, product look books and catalogs, and company news and information from almost anywhere, on almost any device.

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Have conversations and collaborate in real time with other sales teams

When you're preparing for an event, any issues or changes must be resolved quickly. During the event, sales teams may need immediate support if promotional materials run out, laptop batteries run down, or the table isn’t set up as contracted. Microsoft Teams brings together chat, content, people, and tools in one place so team members have instant access to everything they need to resolve any issues. Skype for Business lets team members connect with coworkers around the world, instantly, with IM, voice, or video calls.

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Aggregate sales data by creating automated workflows and custom apps

With PowerApps, you can easily create custom apps that provide quick access to data from an event, such as customer feedback reports, without having to write a single line of code. By using Microsoft Flow, you can also automatically flow tasks—such as consolidating feedback, sending or receiving notifications, and collecting and organizing new sales data. PowerApps and Flow allow you to access and use custom web and mobile apps with data from SharePoint and other sources so you can easily access the company data and tools you need.

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Case Studies

Dentsu Aegis Network transforms global networking with Office 365

Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) innovates the way brands are built through a global network of agencies. After deploying Microsoft Office 365, DAN gained a more productive employee network of its own. Using Microsoft Teams chat-based collaboration hubs, its virtual teams coordinate work across the regions. And thanks to the collaboration and business intelligence services within Office 365, media procurement employees expect to shave up to 60 percent off the time it takes to assemble media-buying reports from 14 countries.

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