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Secure patient care data and privacy while keeping it accessible

Healthcare data and EHRs must remain protected and secure, but it also needs to be accessible to you and your staff from a variety of devices and locations.

Greet patients in the exam room and quickly access their latest test results and notes from other providers using secure apps and services including SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. 
Create, share, and submit Electronic Health Records (EHRs) with confidence. Malware and untrusted apps are prevented from running on your device thanks to industry-leading security features, such as Windows Defender Application Control. 
You can also prevent accidental data leaks by applying rules to  control how data can be used with Windows Information Protection. Use Windows Hello and Windows Defender Credential Guard to protect your device from unauthorized sign ins and loss.
  • Get secure delivery, feedback, and communications with patients, providers, and outside care facilities.
  • Create a continuous, secure feedback loop for providers and patients. 
  • Interact with your patients securely.